About Us

About Pan Thee Foundation

Pann Thee Foundation was established in 2010. We aim to help orphanages and vulnerable Myanmar children to achieve a brighter future. The primary focus is to support children in orphanages and charity schools throughout the country.


Chairman, Zaw Latt is a serial entrepreneur who established his first business at the age of 22 distributing a single product. Today, ABC- MIB Group has over twenty companies and over 30 business units with diversified businesses from consumer goods, food and beverage, fashion, travel, mobile telecommunications, cosmetic and personal care, entertainment to infrastructure development. Till now, Zaw together with his wife, Wai Thit Lwin (also a member) remain to be the sole owner of the Group overseeing over 10,000 employees with more than 60 offices in Myanmar. Their mission in life is to add value to people through providing goods and services that can truly serve people in third world countries through sustainable business practices. Apart from their revenue generating businesses they have also established social businesses such as  Piti Chan Thar store-chain which is a retail micro-finance company targeting women in rural villages by providing the means and knowledge to run a store.

Zaw Latt’s passion as well as part of the CSR mission of ABC-MIB Group of Companies is to provide healthcare and education for the future leaders of Myanmar. Zaw has been active in his philanthropic activities through the Pann Thee (Apple) Foundation.

Key Activities:

Since its establishment, Pann Thee Foundation has been prompt and passionate in the implementation stage focusing on the health and education sector, especially on the young generation in order to achieve its set goals and objectives which includes:
  1. Supporting of salaries for teachers from the monastic schools and nunneries
  2. Build and donate necessary classrooms and dormitories for students
  3. Giving the scholarship program for those who have difficulties in continuing higher education after high school
  4. Testing of children from orphanages, monastic schools and nunneries for the Hepatitis B virus and the provision of the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Our Vision

– Better Future for our next generation

Our Mission

– To support education of the children

– To provide health care of the children

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