• Provide School Buildings, Dormitories and Teaching Support Materials
    Provide School Buildings, Dormitories and Teaching Support Materials

  • Teacher Salary Support Program
    Teacher Salary Support Program

  • Support Students Scholarship
    Support Students Scholarship

  • Broadcast school lessons
    Broadcast school lessons

  • Hepetitis B Vaccination
    Hepetitis B Vaccination

Education Sector

We are implementing the educational donations as below:

Provide the building maintenance and check-up regularly

The foundation has started construction of 132 school buildings and 44 dormitories around 11 states in Myanmar starts from 2014 and it also needs to be maintained for the durability of these buildings. The Foundation maintains the required maintenance every year.

Donate teacher salaries

The foundation is providing monthly teacher salaries to seven monastic schools. There are 1,527 monastic schools in Myanmar with 7,872 teachers. Of these schools, the number of teachers who receive teacher salaries is just 114 and the foundation will continue to work towards the success of the rest of 7,758 teachers.

Support the scholarships to vulnerable children who cannot afford the universities

The Foundation has currently four students providing scholarships. By 2020, three will be graduated and will continue to support one medical student and three marine students. We are given out the scholarships to two medical students by 2015 and to pharmacy students by 2012.

Broadcast school lessons

As Pann Thee Foundation, the process of broadcasting school lessons from KG to Great 10 is aimed at children outside of the schools, teachers and parents who want to learn from online. The broadcasting lesson is implemented in accordance with the education change policy by the government for the benefit of those who want to study the changing educational landscape.

Provide teachers’ training

A total of 114 teachers who are with Pann Thee support will be implemented the educational support training and to carry out continuing the scale up education activities.

Donate the school buildings and classroom materials

There are 1,527 monastic schools in Myanmar and out of 270 schools that applied to the foundation, the foundation has completed 132 schools in needs of school building purpose. The remaining 147 school applications are being monitored and planned for construction.

Healthcare Sector

As healthcare activities, the Foundation has donated 113,971 students in 527 schools of 18 states for Hepatitis B vaccination and will continue to implement the vaccination to 195,967 children in the remaining 351 schools.

News and Our Activities

January 15, 2019
ဘ/က ကျောင်း


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January 15, 2019

မင်္ဂလာရှိတဲ့ မင်

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Milestones of Pann Thee Foundation




Saved a full set of recovery for Hepatitis B




Built for orphans and vulnerable children




Orphans have been completed




Teacher salary provided

Founding Purpose

The purpose is aiming forward to a better life for the poor children with the sake of happiness.

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